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What Are The Benefits Of Flat Roofing

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  • 21-06-2023
What Are The Benefits Of Flat Roofing

Have you asked: What are the benefits of flat roofing? This article looks at the advantages and disadvantages of flat roof installations. LM Roofing are trusted roofers in Colchester and Essex. Find out if a flat roof is right for you.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Flat Roof?

For those in the process of selecting the most suitable to install for your building, there are numerous types and solutions to choose from on the UK market.

Many building owners tend to opt for flat roofing systems; however, it isn't always ideal to choose the most common roofing without being aware of the pros and cons. We'll provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of flat roofs and how you can avoid the issues that can come with these solutions. 

What Are The Benefits Of Flat Roofing? Trusted Roofers In Colchester And Essex

The Choice Is Yours

Homebuilders and buyers have a well-thought-out vision for their dream home or commercial space. However, it's paramount to remember that, ultimately, the choice is up to you. Flat roofing may be the perfect choice for you.

Whilst flat roofs often need more maintenance and attention, they work more efficiently in warmer climates. They are also better when professionally installed they can be beautiful and functional. Some of the most important roofing aspects include sealants, high-quality materials, weatherproofing, and water management.

We encourage home and property owners to contact roofing experts to discuss roofing concerns. Professionals will help you determine the best materials and styles. With better materials, you can achieve weather protection for the climate, locations, and designs you seek.

Advantages of Flat Roofs

 Lower Construction and Repair Costs:

Flat roofs tend to utilise fewer materials and take up much less space than any average sloped roof. Such factors mean that the initial construction of the roof is far cheaper than expected. Many homeowners will be surprised to find that they will save plenty of money if they later require any extensive repairs in the future.

Flat roofing systems are the best if you're searching for cost-effectiveness. You can expect to pay thousands of dollars more for a pitched roof, even of the same area. An example of this may be, a single-ply roof of 900-square foot may cost you around £5,625, whereas a pitched roof of the same size will cost at least £7,233. If your main priority is saving money, the best way to go is a flat roof. 


Few homeowners turn their flat roof sections into beautiful rooftop gardens, as they are flat enough to add to. Flat roofing is one of the most perfect solutions for any decking construction you wish to perform. So, if you're looking to add a brand-new addition to your home that will supply plenty of weather protection, we recommend a flat roof for its extra versatility. There are so many ways to use your flat roof, so start planning today. It will delight many building owners to know that you can utilise the free space on your flat roofs however you please. Here are some fantastic ideas of how you can use it:

Rooftop Gardens: Gardens on rooftops are a beautiful, attractive feature that will add plenty of value to your household building. Additionally, they have numerous benefits to provide customers. For example, gardens help reduce the runoff of stormwater that may otherwise pool and cause water damage. It increases the cooling of the interior.

Relaxation Areas: Suppose you're in a business building with a flat roof, you can create a relaxation area. Turn your flat roof into a brand-new space with stunning greenery to promote employee productivity. They can then access the space for a coffee and a breath of fresh air during their breaks.

Extra Office Room: If you're looking for an additional office room, why not utilise the space on your flat roof? When designed and planned efficiently, you can accommodate beautiful outdoor office space for small meetings or fun company activities that split up your day. 

 Energy Efficiency:

Flat roofs are an excellent solution for homeowners looking for roofing that will ensure practical home utility costs. There also most efficient for warmer climates. On the other hand, sloped roofs tightly trap any unwanted warm air, and unfortunately, enable cooled air to escape. Flat roofs are essential for ensuring no overhead air is stagnate. 

 Fast Installation:

You'll find that flat roofing systems take less time to have installed. As they are such plain design structures, they take less equipment and materials to get the job done. Business owners or those households with very busy home lives can rest assured. Their day won't be too disrupted or stopped several times for construction.

However, pitched roofing systems are infamous for the long duration it takes to perform their installation. It involves more materials and intensive labour that may cause more interruptions throughout your day. If you're looking for fast installation, opt for a flat roof. 


Energy Efficient


Quick Installation

Disadvantages of Flat Roofs

 Unreliable in Cold Weather:

Flat roofing tends to pose numerous issues for homeowners, especially those in colder climates. You may find that water is more likely to pool and accumulate on your flat roofs after heavy rain.

Ice damns can also develop, which is a dangerous accumulation of ice and snow on your roofing. If planning to install a brand-new flat roof in a much colder environment, we recommend consulting a local, qualified builder. They will provide you with plenty of advice concerning the material options. It's wise to opt for those that are weatherproof. 

 Drainage Problems:

You may find that you need to pay closer attention if you have installed a flat roof, particularly due to potential drainage issues. Compared to other roofing components, pitched roofs typically water much more easily. Homeowners can anticipate puddling on their flat roofs after several days of rain, especially if the roof installation in question wasn't efficiently planned.

Whereas, you won't suffer these issues with pitched roofing. The best way to cope with flat roofing is to ensure you hire the help of a reputable roofing company to assist. They will be able to help curate a suitable maintenance plan, alongside regular inspections. Such inspections and plans can ensure their services and materials are backed by solid warranties. 

 Early Replacement:

When you install a flat roof, you may find yourself at risk of having to replace it much earlier than you may for other types. With efficient care and regular maintenance, a sloped roof can last approximately 20 or more years. They do not experience as many problems with puddling, due to there being nowhere for the water to drain.

On the other hand, flat roofing must be professionally replaced every 10 years to keep it from extensive water damage. The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) have proof in reports that state numerous UK homeowners installed sloped roofs due to the many pitfalls of flat roofing. 

 Not as Stylish or Attractive:

Suppose your biggest concern is the appearance of your roofing and its overall design. In that case, flat roofing systems perhaps aren't the option to go for. There's a remarkable lack of intricate design involved in flat roofs.

They typically come in more simplistic patterns and colours such as grey, white and black. These days, you can find a broad range of roofing solutions, that will help transform old-looking roof applications. Many make them more functional and appealing. We highly recommend looking for restoration services performed by trained professionals. 

 Not as Green or Eco-friendly

Many homeowners have concerns about flat roofing, as it isn't as green as more updated solutions. Some have the option to turn their flat roof into a beautiful garden space, which can be a wonderful aesthetic and eco-friendly choice.

However, this may not be the most effective decision, as it can cause numerous issues over time, as plant roots can become invasive. You'll find plants protruding through the roof, causing structural damage and leaking issues after heavy rain. It's paramount that all flat roof gardens are provided with the proper treatment. 

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